Here in South Jersey, we're no stranger to rainy beach days.

Normally, for those of us that frequent the local beaches often, a rainy beach day means it's time to shop. One local who resides on the 1.5 mile island stopped to take a video of a rainy day Wildwood experienced recently, but then proceeded to dig deep down and remind us all how after the rain comes the sunshine and rainbow.

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John Lynch, a pretty popular Wildwood local, recorded a video of the storm that swept through Wildwood on Monday, June 27th. What happened on June 28th? People were met with what could be described as the most gorgeous beach day so far this season. On Tuesday, it was a gorgeous day to plop your toosh in the sand.

Plenty of people were bummed about a beach day getting ripped from them on Monday, but thanks to John, he not only reminded us all that there are plenty of blue skies post the rainstorms, but that the message runs true for our lives, as well.

With everything going on in the world, all of the division and hostility that surrounds us day in and day out, it's nice that there's something out there to remind us that there will be good times after the bad.

Watch the video John shared and try not to smile afterwards. That's a dare. Check it out:

For every rainy day in the Wildwoods, there are always PLENTY of sunny ones!

Source: Facebook

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